Yuki Christie

How to Turn Aching and Aging Body into a Vibrant and Young Body while Sitting at Your Desk 
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Participants will learn how to:

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can be a major cause of back pain, cause increased stress of the back, neck, arms, wrists, and legs and can add a tremendous amount of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs. Lacking physical activities may lead to over-weight and unwanted waistline growth. However, to many of us, it is not what we wanted but long working hours at desk is what we had to do for work.

What if there is a highly effective and fun exercise programmes that allow us to exercise at our desk while seated and only takes a few minutes each time?

Coach Yuki will introduce 5 sets of fun and exciting bite-sized exercises you can do while sitting at the desk. Each set of exercises only takes a few minutes and is highly effective and infectiously FUN. She will also share her secret of not just losing 30kg, reverse chronic joint pains, diabetes and how to look and feel 20 years younger with bountiful energy. Being fit and healthy should not be a destination, it should be a fun and enjoyable journey. Let us tap into our own foundation of youth and vitality together.

Yuki Christie is the founder of Bellydance Discovery Singapore. She is a highly accomplished dancer, trainer and choreographer who had won multiple business and individual awards. With over 20 years of professional dancing, developing exercise programmes and Train the dancers and instructors courses, featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, TV shows and major conferences and events. She is also a creative chef that won 1st runner up in Channel U cooking contest and many of her healthy and delicious recipes are featured in Healthy For Life Summit.

Yuki is a passionate in learning new ways and improving current practice to achieve optimal health as a certified Health Coach. Yuki is expanding herself beyond the role of physical coach. She believes age is an ever-increasing number, but not a deterrent of poor health. “We are how we feel but also how we look and how well our bodies are doing. Losing over 30kgs over last few years, reversing my chronic diseases, healthier and fitter than 20 years ago prove that getting older is not an excuse to ignore or neglect ourselves. If we want to look after others, we need to look after ourselves first.”

Key Business Awards and Achievements

  • Singapore Golden Brand Award 2015
  • SG50 Nationwide Dance Flash mobs for Singapore Jubilee Celebration 2015
  • Singapore Brands Award 2012
  • Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2011

Personal Awards and Achievements 

  • Lady of Excellence Award 2015 (Singapore)
  • Artrepreneur of Singapore in dance industry 2013, featured TV programme on Okto Channel
  • Represent Singapore Dance Industry to perform in New York, USA for Singapore Day 2012
  • Choreographer of biggest Live Charity TV show pf the year 2012 – THK charity
  • Choreographer of “Little Nonya” and other programmes with Singapore top celebrities in China-Singapore bi-annual TV variety show “中新歌友会 (China) in 2012
  • Asia Pacific Woman Entrepreneur Award 2011 (Asia Pacific Region)
  • Featured in the published Book “Stories of Successful Entrepreneur of Singapore” 2011
  • First Bellydance performance in Istana for the President of Singapore, Mr S.R.Nathan and all the guests on 1st May 2011 Istana Open Day. This was featured half a page on Newspaper Straits Times.