Master Alan Thong

How to Build Undying Resilience in Life
Participants will learn how to:

To empower the participants to understand the meaning of mental resilience. Many people think that they can avoid stress at all times but in the modern days, this is not possible. It is not about being immune to feeling stress and emotional, it is about how you come back stronger after each difficulties and challenges. In this particular talk, you will be empowered 3 key mental strategies to overcome your personal downtime. You will also learn how to get back on track with greater efficiency and mental toughness.

Master Alan Thong is Asia’s Leading Mental Breakthrough Facilitator and Transformational Coach, who went on an extraordinary journey in mastering self-motivation and mental resilience. In power with other transformational experiences, such as the ice bath training that allows one to transform beyond their mental strength and recovery.

Master Alan is a World Record Holder whom has tremendous interest about human psychology. Besides theoretical studies and research, he believes in teaching by practical experience. Along the path, he survived multiple near-death experiences in the nature and found out wonderful processes of human mind, and we can take advantage of it to better our lives in the modern world.

One of the expeditions he did include, 111-hour solo experience in the Arctic Wildness (-30 Celsius) with half of the time shirtless in the freezing temperature. It is said to be a test of mental toughness and resilience. He even said that we all can be more relieved of daily stresses and come back stronger and easier if we gather a few of the mental strategies he developed over the years in research.

Master Alan was featured on various international & local media including BBC News, the America Podcast – “American Real”, CITY Plus FM, The Oriental Daily Press, News Strait Times, Feminine Magazine (风采) and the United Kingdom Podcast (Primal Life) on his stress-combating and mental resilient strategies. He coached locally and internationally in a few countries to share his discovery.  His vision is to teach and empower his students to better their emotional management and mental resilience. He recently founded Pilgrim University for people to improve their mental resilience and strategies in life.