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Jessica See is the founder of Health Coach international Pte Ltd. She is a Certified Professional Trainer, IPMA UK, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, NFNLP USA and Certified Neuro-Semantics practitioner, ISNS. She is also a Clinical Nutritionist, and Stress Consultant – Corporate and Professional, Stonebridge UK, and has a Diploma in Psychology.

Formerly a writer and editor by profession, she spearheaded the launch of a business magazine for working women called Woman At Work in 1989. She was Managing Editor and Editor for nine years before she retired in 1997. She was also the Contributing Editor of a health magazine called THIS Quarterly. She is now the editor of a magazine called Rainbow Connections – Mind Matters, a magazine for youths facing depression and other mental wellness issues.

Besides contributing articles on health and mental wellness for many magazines and newspapers, she has also written two books Making an Impact as a Trainer and Reset Reshape Revitalise.

After retiring from the magazine, she was invited to be keynote speaker at many international business conventions in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Today she is also in high demand for corporate workshops in the areas of Stress Management, Personal Effectiveness for Managers, Persuasive Communication, Health and Nutrition, as well as one-to-one health and life coaching. 

Today she is also a co-trainer and coach for the Certified Health Coach Programme.

Her passion lies in helping people to Be More, Do More and Have More in their lives. She believes in taking an integrative approach to health with a head-to-toe transformation – starts with the mind all the way to the feet taking you where you want to go!