Jana Stanfield

Jana Stanfield’s How to Optimize Your Optimism
Jana Stanfield’s How to Optimize Your Optimism:

We all know the ABC’s of pessimism: “Always Be Complaining”. Here’s your chance to learn the ABC’s of optimism, simple skills we can practice daily so that we can enjoy life and “play well with others.

As Co-Founder of Together We Can Change the World with Scott Friedman, Jana Stanfield has been improving the lives of children and families in Southeast Asia for more than 10 years. Her most recent project to help disadvantaged youth is called Refugee Film School, where teens learn video editing skills to earn food money for their families. This all grew from being a popular recording artist and songwriter whose fans wanted to join her overseas tours that included music and volunteering. The theme of her international “volun-tour” trips is “The life you change may be your own.”