Christie Ward

Building YOUR Resilience During Disruption:

Keeping clients and customers when times are uncertain

Participants will learn how to:
    • Describe resiliency and its components
    • Compare and contrast internal and external assets
    • Assess their own resiliency
    • Understand a little about change and the brain so you can assist others to change
    • Identify resources to support and build resilience

Why does resilience matter? Resilient workers are capable of moving forward in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, extracting more value from their work and taking mistakes or failures and turning them into experiences that drive positive change for the future. They help organizations flourish and grow by building a culture that can flex. Resilient workers are critical to navigating the new normal prevalent in today’s world.

But how do we stay resilient ourselves?  How do we not only keep ourselves but others motivated but continue to stay ahead of the curve physically and mentally?  There are some tips to staying resilient that you will uncover in this session.  Understanding how the brain works and how it is that we can change behavior in ourselves and others gives us control over more of our outcomes.  Come get some support and tools to help you not only help others be resilient, but keep up your own resilience.

This program utilizes the adult learning model and accelerated learning techniques to ensure participants not only know what to do but how to do it.  Christie’s programs are interactive and high energy, and people leave with actual tools they can use.  She uses video and powerful visuals to convey points, and a lively discussion to ensure people laugh and learn at the same time!