Anushya Safira

GROOM-ify for ZOOM:
Unlock & Ace Your Winning Image
Participants will learn how to:

• Project a confident personality and a professional appearance-positive first impression
• Developed one’s personal standard of professionalism at work and display a good and relatable
business manners in performing their job.
• Determine the different strength in dressing style that will be best suited for work and social
• Understand the importance of non verbal communication through facial expressions, posture and
eye contact
• Create a pleasant, comfortable and productive working environment for oneself and workmates

Anushya Safira has been in the Marketing & PR industry for about 10 years. Throughout these years, she ventured into a variety of industries such as the hospitality, fashion and retail industries which sharpened her skills as a marketeer. However, the fashion and retail business has always intrigued Anushya as she is also a qualified fashion designer. As a fashion designer, she took part in various fashion shows held in Malaysia. She also worked with mogul brands such as the British India Clothing, Blush! and Mênê Fashion.

Later, Anushya ventured into the hospitality industry where she joined Trudy Moreno’s hotelier team in Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur. She spearheaded the Wedding department by managing the weddings held within the hotel and designing gowns for the brides-to-be. Upon realising she is naturally a people’s person and she has a flair for public relations, she gradually moved into the Grand Millennium’s marketing department. During her time in the hotel’s marketing team, she worked closely with international personalities such as DJ Bliss, Nicole Scherzinger, Kylie Minogue and SNSD.

Anushya eventually came back into working within the fashion industry however focusing more within the branding and marketing business of the fashion industry. During her five year stint within Neubodi, she rebranded the brand and made it relatable to the market through marketing it as women empowering brand. She created an original CSR programme for Neubodi known as “Neubodi Bra Drive”. It is a charity programme that revolves around the three most important awareness, Donate, Recycle and Support.

This programme revolves around supporting and building awareness against breast cancer whilst encouraging and educating the public about the importance of recycling and donating.

After leaving Neubodi, Anushya decided to be an entrepreneur and started her own business. Anushya combined her passion for fashion and her talent to work with people by becoming a corporate trainer. To accomplish this, she acquired her certification as a professional image consultant. She is able to be management advisor on personal and corporate appearance — personal for professional and personal imaging. Anushya started training within the education industry whereby she works closely with both the educators and the students on lessons of personal branding, along with improving social graces and common etiquettes to rediscover their personal acquired soft skills.

Anushya is a translator of culture, both East and West. Being born of Chinese mix Indian heritage, commonly known as Chindian herself, she also coulters by binding and bridging her experiences within the fashion and retail industry through her series of trainings into new visions. Anushya also presents the best of all words enabling, emerging and productive professionals to reach the grand social plateau and providing motivated individuals with a skill set to meet any business or social challenges.

Anushya has a wide portfolio of personal, corporate and public service organisations expertise whereby she worked closely with women empowering NGOs to launch “Neubodi Bra Drive – Charity Trail to Nepal” sponsored by Air Asia X. She is also very driven to work for non-profit organization/women-forwomen foundation, as it has always been her personal dream to give back to society, one small deed at a time. Currently, she works and volunteers for Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA), National Kidney Foundation (NKF), and UNICEF.

Lastly, amongst all the above she is also a certified professional in hair design, colour theory, makeup applications, wardrobe shopping strategy, etiquette as corporate communication, interpersonal style skills, and cross culture communications. She practices the Law of Attraction values by Michael Losier. Her mantra is “I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.”