Alexander Ang

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Alexander Ang is an experienced digital marketer, coach and a trainer with over eight years of experience in the training, business development and event industry.

He has personally reviewed, built and launched over 87 Facebook marketing campaigns, over 500 of online webpages and over 300 pieces of website content, social media posts, emails and ads campaigns.

In his previous career, he served as an Executive Vice President – Digital Marketing in Quest Corp Global Inc U.S. from the year 2015 to 2019, where he managed and led five different departments in the company including content marketing, digital marketing, media production, customer experience and website development team.

Under his supervision, Alex has grown his team members who were mainly from a non-digital background to 15 become highly competent senior executive and managers, contributing to multiple 6-figure to over a million dollars of sales and profit for the company every year.

As a Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Train the Trainer by HRDF and the CEO of Media Funnel Sdn Bhd, he found his passion in the area of helping organisations to improve their marketing results and achieve their business goal through continuous education, coaching and training.

Over the past six years, he has worked with more than 40 business brands, alongside with other successful speakers and trainers in Malaysia, Singapore and the U.S on various projects from property investment, fundraising events campaign, stock market online programme, train the trainer programme, wealth expo (with Adam Khoo from Singapore), online summit, conference, business networking events and many more.

Not only sharing his knowledge and expertise in the seminar and training industry, he also has experienced in promoting other B2C products and services such as confinement centre services, property projects, office furniture, estate planning industry, MBA programme, cryptocurrency events, network marketing industry and beauty academy.

From planning the campaign, driving traffic, leveraging on social media platforms to the process of generating leads and converting them into sales online, he has deep experience on setting up the whole process for his clients.

After working with over 40 brands, he knew that the only way that he can scale his impact to the world quickly is through education, empower organization to soar as high as it will by sharing his strategies and “behind-the-scene” process so that they can too, improve their brand presence, improve marketing results and generate profits as soon as possible.