Adila Shakir

Managing your Money with the Jar System
Participants will learn how to:

  • To understand the importance and benefits of money management using the jar system
  • To identify the different jars that can help to reach your financial goals
  • To learn how to calculate and plan your monthly budget 

“Let my voice do the talking for you” – Dilly

Adila Shakir is a professional voice over personality and jingle artiste, with twenty years of experience in the industry.

In 2001 she decided to move to KL from JB. And while working full-time at a publishing house, she had the golden opportunity to work part-time as a radio announcer on Red FM. After less than a year, she was offered a full time position and in 2007, Adila got her big break hosting her own show being better known as “Dilly”, before landing the coveted role of Breakfast Show Announcer shortly after. Astro took notice and she and her co-host were offered to be the All New Breakfast Show on MIX fm for three years, before deciding to set up Dilly Productions and move on to pursue her passion of voice acting full-time.

Adila has since worked on a number of animations, jingles, corporate videos, tutorials TVCs, and of course, radio commercials, that showcase her passion, energy, and versatility in both English and BM. Her clients have included top brand names such as Petronas, McDonald’s, KFC, DIGI and Samsung, various government ministries and agencies.  Last year she voiced the role of Ejen Ali’s mother, Ejen Aliya as well as Ejen Dayang, in the English dubbed version of Ejen Ali The Movie which can be found on Netflix.

Married to a music producer, Khairafik Khairudin aka Rafikoncept, who has his own working studio, she’s been able to work successfully with him on many of those jobs. A match made in heaven indeed! During the first MCO, they were still able to produce work for their clients as they had a second studio set-up at home. The concept of working from home is certainly not a new one for them! 

She is currently one of the exco committee members of Voice Guild Malaysia, an association that houses professional voice over talents and which supports the advancement of the voice over industry and its members.

Having personally experienced the anxiety of not having a stable income through freelance work, she has since learned about an existing money management system and expanded upon it to make it more practical. It has worked successfully for her and her friends who have adopted it. This was what led her to enroll in the Train the Trainer programme with Impian Helang (M) Sdn Bhd  three years ago where she received her HRDF certification and wishes to be able to conduct more workshops to educate people on how to manage their money effectively though this system.

Ironically for someone who has worked and continues to serve in the media and broadcasting industry, Adila does not have social media. Three years ago she decided to deactivate her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and has never looked back. Once in a while when her curiosity gets the better of her, her husband will let her peek through his IG account. However if you do want to contact her, you can find her on LinkedIn under Adila (Dilly) Shakir or email her at She is currently in the midst of setting up her website but if you are interested to see some of her body of work, you can look for her YouTube channel under Dilly Shakir.