Course Contents

This course targets how to create business documents in the modern workplace, which takes into account the many forms that modern communication can take, and teaches participants how to align their message with the appropriate medium.

Module 1: From social media to Boardroom

– Everyone is a business writer
– Universal principles of business writing
– Forms and formats
– The Principle of Purpose
– Rules of Good Writing

Module 2: Who am I writing for?

– The Principle of ‘Audience’
– Personality type and communication preferences
– Understanding the Audience
– Writing for a Global Audience

Module 3: Avoiding Common Errors

– Common communication barriers
– Overcoming barriers

Module 4: The Blank Page

– Structures of various types of documents
– The Writing Process
– The Principle of Structure

Module 5: Writing to the Point

– ABC’s of business writing
– Email structure and etiquette

Gina Phan


  • Graduated from BSc (York University, Canada)
  • Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA, UK)
  • Certified REACH Practitioner (ODI, USA)
  • Certified EnSync Facilitator (EnSync, Malaysia)
  • TTT-Certified (HRDF, Malaysia)
  • Training Needs Analysis (HRDF, Malaysia)
  • Focus areas in Problem-Solving with critical & creative thinking, Consultative Selling Technique, Principled Negotiations, Presentations & Business Storytelling, and Business Communication
    (Trusted Advisor, Customer Service)

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