Virtual or online events, with help of technology were slowly picking up progress when the pandemic hit us and many of us, especially Event planners, managers and organisers are thrown head-on to learn, use and apply these technologies at once. Many of us muddle through and we learn along the way as we apply these new technologies to our events, regardless if we want to or not.

Many of us thought we had time to learn, to explore and see how others do it. Well, we were caught…Some managed to catch up fast…but some of us struggled!

Now is the time to take this seriously and learn how best to manage and emcee virtual events successfully. You may not be the actual person doing it, but as a leader or the manager, you need to supervise your team. Even if you outsource to external parties, you need to understand the concepts and have some basic knowledge of virtual events.

So this is the best time, best place to learn…a place to learn, practice, make the mistakes and correct them before we go LIVE! This introductory training workshop will provide you with the base info to help you get started!

Learning Objectives

  • Overall understanding of what are virtual events and the different types of virtual or online events
  • Have a big picture of the entire events management process, using a process-based approach to events management.
  • Learn crisis & risk management system
  • The role of the emcee in a virtual event and key success tips
  • On-the-spot practice in a Green Studio with live simulated exercises with instant review & assessment

Learning Outcomes

  • Be familiar with the different types of virtual events and its purpose & the criteria for
  • Know the basics on how to plan, conceptualise, implement & budget for your virtual event
  • Learn how to identify, manage and control potential problems to ensure a successful
  • Know the key important factors involved in moderating and emceeing a virtual event
  • Experience a virtual event setup in a Green Studio, and learn the do’s & don’ts


  • Interactive hands-on learning, key sharing of tips & learning from other’s experience with practical simulated exercises in a green studio (mock-up).
  • You will also be reviewed on the spot with instant assessment.
  • We want to give you not only the info and skills, but for you to feel it.. by going through the experience and to feel the difference in virtual events compared to normal physical events
  • Lastly we will follow-up with an online group coaching session
  • We will also have an online FB group community for post-workshop questions especially on live events that you will be organising on your own. We will do our best to support especially when you have to prepare for your real live events!

Team of Trainers & Facilitators

Azah yazmin

Licenced and Registered Counsellor, HRDF Certified Trainer, Master of Ceremonies

Samantha Chiang

Event Manager & Trainer

Shum FP

Founder, EventsMastery

Who should attend

Event managers

Staffs that involved in organising events

Individual that keen to learn more about organising & managing virtual events

Why you should attend

Gain basic knowledge on Virtual Events

Learn from other’s experience to avoid similar mistakes

Learn the process-based approach to events & how to manage risk or potential problems

See how best to emcee or know the skills for emceeing virtual events

Gain some on-site experience in setting up a Virtual event in a Green Studio

What They Say

(from past testimonial that attended emcee/event management programme)

Logistic / Admin Info



28 – 29 Oct, 1, 2 & 12 Nov 2021 (9:00am-1:00pm)

*This workshop will spread over 5 half-day Zoom training sessions

EARLY BIRD OFFERS – for registrations received 2 weeks before event’s date


how much are the course fees?

Normal fees: RM2,580 per person

Virtual Edition: RM1,980 per person

Early Bird Rates:
One month before -RM1,580 per person
Two weeks before -RM1,730 per person
The above fees is based on virtual edition which inclusive of learning materials , certificate of completion and online access.

do you have group rates for participants from same company?

Yes, we have rates for Group of 4 from the same company with additional 10%


how do i register and make my payment?
Can my company claim hrdf?

If your company is HRDF registered employer, you can apply to claim under “HRD Corp (SBL-Khas) Claimable” – subject to HRD Corp approval

If you are new to HRD Corp SBL-Khas Claim, click here to see how to apply

Other Important Admin info
  • The Organiser reserves the right to amend the schedule and will keep the participants informed
  • All fees must be paid prior to the event’s date. No cancellation allowed within 7 days before the event. However, you may send a replacement person. If no written notice of cancellation is received 7 days prior to event and if the person fails to attend the event, full fees will be chargeable. Any refunds approved may be subject to 25% admin fees. 
  • All training notes provided are copyright of ours and no duplications or sharing will be allowed. The learning materials are provided purely for your own learning purpose and may not be used for other means. We reserve the rights to take any legal actions required if deemed necessary.
  • Learning Materials: Downloadable & Online access – links will be provided. Please do not share this link.
  • Zoom info: Access links will be provided before the workshop. We will have an brief orientation before the workshop. Please do NOT share this link.
  • No recording by the participants will be allowed. The organiser will inform the participants if there is any recording of the workshop to be reviewed after the workshop but no obligations as this is a LIVE training workshop. 

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