How to Manage Corporate Events Successfully


        Through dynamic interactive learning and hands-on simulated exercises in the workshop, you’ll gain the skills and confidence needed to craft unforgettable events that drive performance and deliver successful results. This integration ensures a holistic understanding of event management, equipping participants to confidently navigate event complexities.

The participants will step into the dynamic realm of CORPORATE EVENT MANAGEMENT!

1. Expert Insight: Gain valuable knowledge from seasoned practitioners with extensive collective wisdom in event                  management.

2. Structured Approach: Explore a thoughtfully structured, process-oriented method for event management, backed by      tested templates that simplify your tasks, provide a smooth start, and support your career progress.

3. Diverse Perspectives: Benefit from a variety of viewpoints with insights from guest speakers who are experts in their      respective fields.

4. Immediate Application: Apply what you learn during the workshop and receive real-time feedback for effective skill          development.

5. Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies shaping the event management landscape.

6. Certification Pathway: Elevate your professional standing with the opportunity to become a “Certified Event                        Manager,” a UK-based industry certification.

7. Networking and Support: Build valuable connections within the industry, access resources, and coaching for real-              time advice during live events, and gain hands-on experience.


Across nine engaging modules, you’ll explore the core aspects of event concept and ideation, tapping into creativity and design thinking, mastering effective budgeting, meticulous planning, adept analysis of potential problems and risk management, strategic sponsorships, impactful marketing and promotion, seamless operations, leveraging online technology, application of project management skills, systematic documentation, and much more.

Participants are able to take home the knowledge and skills shared by the Trainer to:

●  Apply event strategies to create impactful and memorable events, and formulate a comprehensive concept plan              based on these strategies.

●  Develop the event’s business plan and budget for successful implementation.

●  Acquire the skills and systems necessary to analyze and manage potential problems, focusing on effective risk                  management.

●  Manage your resources, including team members, strategic alliances, sponsors, and vendors, with greater efficiency.

●  Create event collaterals and promotional strategies that effectively convey messages to maximize outcomes.

●  Implement social media marketing and leverage technology to market, promote, and sell your events.

●  Efficiently manage your registration system, as well as other administrative and logistics requirements, through a            process-based systematic approach for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

●  Execute and oversee pre-event, on-site, and post-event coordination more effectively.


    – Remote/ Virtual Events – the New Normal

    – Latest Technologies for events management processes

    – Using latest online technologies & social
    media to promote your events

    **POST COVID19 – Implementing Events based on SOPs provided by Government.


    Introduction to Events Management Process
    • EventsMastery Process Chart

    • EventsMastery 9-box Process Flow

    • Characteristics of Events Management

    • 5W2H Approach to Events Management

    Module 1: Ideation/ Concept Planning

    Research/ Concept

    • Understanding ideation and the importance of concept planning for events.

    • Developing a creative mindset and applying creative techniques.

    • Utilizing various idea generation methods, including brainstorming, mind mapping, SCAMPER, storytelling, customer journey mapping, and identifying customer touchpoints.

    • Creating cohesive event themes with storytelling elements.

    • Conducting audience analysis, including empathy mapping and creating attendee personas.

    Module 2: Planning & Budgeting

    Planning, Budget & Control

    • Event Planning Essentials: Scoping, Timeline, and Implementation Plan

    • The Significance of Budgeting: Understanding Why It Matters, Breakeven Analysis, and ROI

    • Managing and Analyzing Potential Problems Using the PPA System

    • Performance Indicators and Control Plan

    Module 3: Resources & Alliances

    Resources & Alliances

    • Leveraging Sponsors and Strategic Alliances

    • Effective Manpower Management

    • Managing Third-Party Collaborations

    Module 4: Production of Event Collaterals

    Production of Collaterals

    • Copywriting for Impactful Messaging

    • Design Principles for Collateral Materials

    • Efficient Production of Event Collaterals

    Module 5: Marketing & Promotions

    Marketing & Promotions

    • Exploring Different Marketing Channels, Strategies & tools

    • Creating Compelling Content that converts using tools including ChatGPT

    • Managing Media Relations and Event Branding

    • Engaging the Audience and Building Event Buzz

    • Tracking Event Performance and Results

    Module 6: Sales & Registration

    Sales & Registrations

    • Effective Sales Strategies

    • Efficient Registration Management

    • Leveraging Technology for Sales and Registration Optimization

    Module 7: Logistics and Administration


    Logistics and Administrations

    • Streamlining Pre-Event Logistics and Production

    • Efficient Administration with Technology Integration

    Module 8: On-Site Management

    On-site Management

    • Effective On-Site Event Setup and Operations

    • Smooth Execution and Proper Shutdown

    Module 9: Post-event & Review

    Post-event & Review

    • Post-event Activities & Closures

    • Debrief, Review, Post-Mortem, Reports

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