HRD Corp Employers can claim under SBL-Khas


  • Dates: 2 & 3 April 2024

  • Time: 9:00am-5:30pm

  • Venue: Workie Workie, Training Centre

  • Early Bird rates 2 weeks before

  • Send Group of 4 or more for Offers 


HRD Corp Employers can apply for the “HRD Corp Claimable” training fund (subject to HRD Corp approval)

This Training is led by Alexander Ang, Certified Digital Marketing Professional with years of experiences in this area, helping Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Marketing Professionals in the area of Social Media and Digital Marketing.

  • Business Owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Team Leaders

  • Anyone desperate to make a change for 2024…

Prepare yourself now for a challenging 2024

It is not too late even if you are totally new and have no idea how Social Media Marketing can help you with your business.

Dont get left behind, frustrated and helpless.

Learn and train yourself. Even if you outsource the work, you need to understand the big picture of the digital eco-system.


Send your staff to attend so they can be prepared for the challenging year ahead (post-pandemic effects?)

Marketing, Social Media, PR, A&P, Team Leaders, Business Unit Heads, and all Executives involve with company business results and anyone who needs to understand how Social Media Marketing works and how it can affect your business outcome.

Send Groups of 4 or more for group offers…

HRD CORP Employers – remember to apply for your HRDCorp claims under “HRDCorp  Claimable”

You are not alone. It can be a jungle for newcomers and we know what you are going through now, especially with the NEW NORMAL needs to get online..& show results...fast!!!

Programme Overview:

Social Media Marketing is becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing which potentially helps reaching our products and services to millions of customers worldwide.

They help you to connect with customers, increase your brand awareness, boost your leads and sales with much lower advertising cost than the traditional media. 

In this course, participant will learn effective and practical strategies to reach out to targeted customers, setting up powerful social media campaigns that will help drive more traffic, increase engagement and leads online.

Course Objective: 

The objective of this programme is to help individual to learn and understand how to integrate Social Media strategies, from planning to execute an effective plan for the agency, creating brand awareness, improve their positioning, generate more leads and appointment to shorten the sales process.

Training Methodology: 

This programme will conducted using different method including instructor-led classroom training with participation, hands-on training, assignment, group discussion and social learning to maximize their learning experience.

Why You Should Attend

  1. This programme will show you how to increase your brand positioning, brand awareness, increase your traffic and promote your products and services effectively.
  2. This programme will also integrate other marketing strategies to help you build better social media campaign including email marketing, chatbot and website optimization.
  3. This programme also focus on practical session with actionable steps to help you implement your social media and online marketing strategy within 30 days.
  4. After this programme, we’ll conduct several group coaching sessions and updates to keep participant’s momentum going, get feedback and support whenever you need.

Who Should Attend

  1. Business owner.
  2. Team leader of a company in marketing, sales and business development.
  3. Working professionals who’re inspired to be a competent digital marketer.
  4. Individual who have a side-hustle.
  5. Freelancer who wants to use digital marketing skills to add value to their clients and implement their own marketing strategy.
  6. Individual who’re passionate and interest in learning social media marketing.
  7. Anyone who needs to learn and get started and need a “kick in the butt” to get moving on your digital and social media marketing journey…







Logistic/ Admin Info


In-Person (Physical) training workshop

2 & 3 April 2024 (2 full days 9.00 am – 5.30 pm) & one group coaching (virtual half day)

Venue: Workie Workie, Training Centre

EARLY BIRD OFFERS – for registrations received 1 month/ 2 weeks before event’s date


how much are the course fees?

Normal fees: RM2,480 per person

Early Bird Rates:
One month before -20% discount
Two weeks before -10% discount
The above fees are inclusive of meals, refreshments/ learning materials & certificate of completion.

do you have group rates for participants from same company?

Yes, we have rates for Group of 4 from the same company:

Group of 4 from same company Additional 15% discount
how do i register and make my payment?

You can register at this link: www.eventsmasteryasiapacific.com/smm-register. 

Can my company claim hrd Corp?

If your company is HRD CORP registered employer, you can apply to claim under “HRD Corp Claimable” – subject to HRD Corp approval

If you are new to HRD Corp Claim, click here to see how to apply

Other Important Admin info
  • The Organiser reserves the right to amend the schedule and will keep the participants informed
  • All fees must be paid prior to the event’s date. No cancellation allowed within 7 days before the event. However, you may send a replacement person. If no written notice of cancellation is received 7 days prior to event and if the person fails to attend the event, full fees will be chargeable. Any refunds approved may be subject to 25% admin fees. 
  • Important Note: For clients claiming under HRDCorp Claimable, we will assist in providing the documents for approval. Pre-approval from HRDCorp will be required a week before the workshop and if no approval is obtained or the HRDCorp approval amount is less than the quoted amount, the client will need to pay the difference before the workshop. 

  • If we cannot claim the exact pre-approved amount after the workshop because of non-compliance by the client/participants, then the client will need to settle the outstanding differences within 2 weeks from the HRDCorp notice of payment. E.g. of non-compliance – pax no show/ did not sign attendance sheet etc

  • Copyright @EventsMastery -All training notes provided are copyright of ours and no duplications or sharing will be allowed. The learning materials are provided purely for your own learning purpose and may not be used for other means. We reserve the rights to take any legal actions required if deemed necessary.
  • Meals & refreshments are provided for in-person classes.
  • Learning Materials: Printed materials will be provided. Reference materials may be available for download where applicable.
  • No recording by the participants will be allowed.

Enquiry Form

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