Course Contents

Digital marketing is one of the main key channels that will help you to grow your business online and offline.. hence Leveraging on Social Media Marketing for MORE Effective Business Results

Zoom Session 1:Digital Marketing Blueprint

  • Marketing strategy that will separate yourself than the competitor.
  • Crafting your own Ideal Customer Profile.
  • The full cycle of customer online journey.
  • Competitive research, studies and finding the gap.
  • Copy writing that generate clicks and sales.
  • Referral marketing strategies.
  • Assignment 1

Zoom Session 2:Content Marketing Strategies

  • Non-designer: Colour combination strategies, tips and tricks.
  • Content pillars for brand building and positioning.
  • Inside look: Setting your own content calendar strategies.
  • Art of writing quality caption.
  • Shooting short videos.
  • Assignment 2

Zoom Session 3:Facebook Ads Mastery

  • Facebook ads strategy – Messenger and lead generation campaign.
  • How to launch and scale your ads.
  • Targeting and setup best practices.
  • How to measure your Facebook ads campaign.
  • Facebook ads custom audience and re-targeting strategies.
  • Assignment 3

Zoom Session 4:Build Your Own Funnel Strategies

  • Publish your first lead magnet.
  • Crafting your own sales funnel canvas.
  • Sales funnel case studies.
  • Create and setup WordPress landing page quickly.
  • Create a CRM email marketing flow.
  • Assignment 4

Alexander Ang


  • Graduated from University of Malaya 2011, in BSc Environmental Science Management.
  • Certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach.
  • Certified HRDF Trainer.
  • Over 6 Years of Experience in Digital marketing field,
    helping over 40 brands to improve their sales and marketing results.
  • Was an Executive Vice President – Digital Marketing. Experience in leading, coaching and managing a team of Gen-X, Gen-Y, Millenials and Gen-Z.

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