Course Contents

Leveraging on Social Media Marketing for MORE Effective Business Results

1. Overview of digital marketing process:


  • Ultimate Digital marketing blueprint.
  • Utilizing different types of traffic for your advantage.
  • 5 stages of a marketing funnel.

2 : Grow marketing strategies:


  • Emotional marketing.
  • Flywheel marketing.
  • Getting people to know, like and trust you online.

3 : Content Marketing strategies:


  • Using content to position yourself as an expert.
  • Create content that market wants to know.
  • How to post effective content in your post and page.
  • Using tools to manage and post your content.
  • Posting and engagement strategy.
  • Using content to get known, shares, viral and engagement.

4 : Social Media Marketing:


  • Setting up proper Facebook Business Page.
  • Facebook business and marketing tools.
  • How to launch a viral Facebook live campaign.
  • Social profiling setup.
  • Learn to use Instagram tools.

5 : Lead Magnet Marketing:


  • Understand how lead magnet will shorten your sales process and get quality leads.
  • Attract leads and talent using lead magnet.
  • Strategy to plan and create your own unique lead magnet.
  • Learn how to use lead magnet to collect name list and database easily.
  • Case studies and examples.

Alexander Ang


  • Graduated from University of Malaya 2011, in BSc Environmental Science Management.
  • Certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach.
  • Certified HRDF Trainer.
  • Over 6 Years of Experience in Digital marketing field,
    helping over 40 brands to improve their sales and marketing results.
  • Was an Executive Vice President – Digital Marketing. Experience in leading, coaching and managing a team of Gen-X, Gen-Y, Millenials and Gen-Z.

6. 4/7 Online Lead Generation Page:


  • How to setup and create a landing page with no experience required.
  • How to integrate your lead magnet, forms and landing page to automate your marketing process.
  • Case studies.
  • Tools recommendation

8. Sales Funnel:


  • Sales funnel introduction.
  • Understand different types of sales funnel for your products and services. 
  • How to improve your conversion rate online from visitor to lead to appointment.
  • How to craft out a highly converting sales funnel (Both online and offline).
  • Case studies.

7. Facebook Lead Generation Ads:


  • How to use Facebook business manager.
  • How to run a Facebook messaging and lead ads campaign.
  • How to optimize your campaign.
  • How to know if your campaign is working.

9. Website Optimization Strategy:


  • Learn the best practise to build a highly converting site.
  • Understand how SEO is linked to your website.
  • Strategy to optimize your website for SEO.
  • Implementation checklist.
  • Understand google analytics.

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