My goal is to help you connect powerfully with your audiences and become a recognised voice of authority and influence in your field.

Chee Seng, Writer, Trainer, Coach


As a journalist with 15 years of experience, I thought I knew all the tricks of the trade, but Chee Seng’s Contagious Content webinar shook me to the core. (He) got me thinking – or rethinking – about writing in a way I hadn’t done for decades.

Alexandra Wong, Author and Content Creator with 15 years experience in journalism, Malaysia


Today, my messages on Parenting and Teaching are read by thousands! I get really high engagement rates, and it was all because Chee-Seng taught me to write and brand myself well.

Phang Chui Kean, Parenting and Teacher Trainer, Malaysia


I have attended quite a few webinars of Chee Seng and I just discover more every single time. He is very clear, concise, comprehensive in his approach on sharing

Thila Suppiah, HR Consultant, Malaysia


While I had attended many similar trainings and practically applied it in all the companies I worked for, I particularly like the way Chee Seng narrates the journey of having a successful branding using life examples that we encounter day-to-day. An insightful refresher session which I was glad that I had joined.

Susan Chong, Social Media Strategist at OMG Group, Malaysia


I have been always impressed with the level and quality of research he does in any given project. He takes great pride in crafting words that attract, appeal and draw attention to the subject at hand.

Leonard Lee, Brand Strategist/Coach, Malaysia


Chee Seng wrote a number of articles for us, and they were consistently part of our best-performing articles. He greatly helped our site grow while opening up important conversations among our readers.

Lydia Kwan, Content Strategist, Malaysia


Lai Chee Seng is one of the few people I would work with again and again. He has the ability to come up with ways to communicate something that is so complex in a way that can be absorbed so easily.

Vanitha Nadaraj, Founder of Journey With Us Asia, Malaysia


Chee Seng struck me as someone who gets the message across; not just to transfer information but also to provoke thought.

Ruth Anandaraj, Structural Analysis Engineer, USA

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