Online Registration

Terms and conditions

 Please read all the terms and conditions stated here before you proceed to register online. Please email to for any clarification. Thank you.

1. Registrations process

  • Please complete the online form with all the details required. Once we receive your form, we will process accordingly and inform you if the registration is confirmed (subject to seats availability)
  • Once confirmed, we will prepare the necessary invoice or other documents required.
  • We reserve the right at any time to reject any registrations that are not completed or invalid.
  • To register online, please go to for the online form (if you are not able to view the form on this page) 

2. How to complete the online registration form

  • Please provide complete info of the participant so that we can communicate all relevant information.
  • Do not put contact person email/hp for participants unless it is the same person.
  • For companies registering more than 1 pax, please submit the form for each pax separately and indicate the same company name & contact person name & email. For the 1st form that you fill, complete all the company and contact person info plus full details of pax No.1.
  • From 2nd pax onwards, you do not need to retype all the company info, only input the company name/contact person name & email and then proceed to complete all the info of the 2nd pax and indicate the pax number under – this is pax number —?
  • Eg this is pax number 1, pax number 2….etc
  • Please email for any clarification or information.

3. Payment options

  • You can select one of the following payment options:
    • Cheque (payable to Eventsmastery Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd)
    • Direct bank transfer-
    • Credit card via online
    • HRDCorp Claimable
    • Paypal
    • Telegraphic Transfer
    • ePerolehan
  • Bank info: 
  • Make your payment directly into our bank account
    Bank : CIMB Bank A/C 8007329162
    Swift Code : CIBBMYKL
  • After you have made your  payment, email to with a copy of your payment transaction and inform us for which program and name of company/participants so that we can process your payment.
  • You may refer to each of the event’s individual payment details listed respectively for each event’s page


4. Terms & Conditions for Registrations

**The following terms apply. Once you submit, we consider that you have read and agree to the terms listed here. Thank you.

  • All fees must be paid prior to the event’s date. 
  • No cancellation allowed within 14 days before the event. 
  • However, a substitute from the same organisation is welcome to replace the registered pax for the same event’s date and not for other dates.
  • If the replacement pax wishes to change to another date, there may be a discretionary admin fee of 25% and this is also subject to seat availability. 
  • If no written notice of cancellation is received 14 days prior to the event and if the person fails to attend the event, full fees will be chargeable. 

5. Refunds Policy

  • If the cancellation is approved, we will proceed to issue refunds if payment has been made.
  • Any refunds approved may be subject to 25% admin fees.
  • No refunds allowed for no-shows.
  • The organiser reserves the right to postpone pending final confirmation of number of pax in order to proceed. 
  • Registered pax will be transferred to the new dates. If the registered pax is unable to attend due to organiser changes in dates, we will allow the pax to cancel and will provide a full refund.
  • The organiser will not be held  liable if an event is cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond our reasonable control resulting from an act of God, governmental regulation, fire, war, terrorist activity or civil commotion.
  • However, we may approve any cancellations and will provide a full refund (if payment is made) if the registered pax is not able to transfer their registration to the new dates.

6. Disclaimers

The Organiser makes no representation or warranties on the accuracy, applicability or completeness of the contents provided by the Trainers/Speakers and attendees take full responsibilities for their own actions or decisions made. 

Collection of information is in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.