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A Message From the Founder

Dear Colleagues

By the end of this highly relevant course, you will have considered various strategies for using digital marketing so you can run more effective content marketing promotions and campaigns. 


Our trainers have 1st-hand practical knowledge in applying concepts and skills taught here for clients.

Besides skills learning, you will be guided to ensures that you practice what you learn

EventsMastery works in alliance with the different expertise to bring you a total learning and not just in one specific area as Digital/Social Media is a very wide subject

Learning Objectives

1. To learn and understand the essentials of Digital Marketing leveraging on different Social Media platforms, how and which is more effective for different business use – You will have an overall picture of how the different infrastructures (social media, email marketing, website, campaigns) work together and going deep dives on the essential subjects.

2. To understand and learn why and establishing your purpose for Digital Marketing and how to apply online brand awareness for small business growth – You will understand how effective digital marketing works, not just copying what competitors do but understanding how the dynamics work so achieving results.

3. To understand why and how the consumers use social media and why some businesses don’t succeed with social media, what the ideal clients online, how to reach them and be connected.

4. To find out factors and the strategies for successful digital branding, marketing and promotion and setting up your own optimised social media presence online – Even if you outsource to agencies, you are not running campaigns in silos having outsourced to different agencies, not knowing how the pieces work together.

5. To understand the importance of quality and timely online contents for branding, marketing and promotion and the use of email as a social media tool for branding. You will also learn how to stay updated with the latest trends in Digital Marketing.

Testimonial about us


So far the best social media training I’ve ever attended! The trainer shares fundamental needs and addresses local issues so very well that I can implement right away after the training.

Zulkaman Abdul

Manager of Strategic Branding & Communications, – Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)

From this 2-Day workshop, I have [learned] more about internet marketing and how important [it] is to have [my] own website. The trainer gives a very clear concept and important [action plans] for using internet marketing.

Tan Yi Kian

Health Manager, – Coway Malaysia

This training was useful to me and I have a better understanding of the power of digital marketing and how to build brand authority / credibility. The delivery was easy to understand; information is relevant and makes absolute sense!

Evelyn Lim

General Manager, – Marketing Communications, Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB)