Course contents

PHASE 1: Introduction/Overview

Training Workshop

Introduction & Overview 

  • Evolving Digital Marketing Landscape 
  • Evolving Technology & Buying Behaviour 
  • Digital Marketing and the Buyer’s Journey
  • Really understanding your ideal clients
  • Understand evolving marketing
  • Know how to generate and sustain interest for conversion


  • Understand the whole picture
  • Understand how evolving technology and buying behaviour affect results
  • Use updated marketing
  • Understand options instead of relying on just one medium


  • Implement holistic strategy 
  • Foresee changes and be early adopter
  • Not get left behind
  • Improve brand awareness and market share
Module 1

Know your Why

  • Why Digital Marketing for Business
  • Why Digital Marketing for the buyers/clients
  • Finding the intersection
  • Establishing purpose for your Digital Marketing


  • Know your purpose for Digital Marketing
  • Know what buyers expects
  • Give them what they want while making it work for you


  • Not just copy what others are doing
  • They are drawn to your brand
  • Get happy, loyal clients
Module 2

Know your ideal clients

  • Mindset shift – it’s all about your clients
  • Demographics for target reach
  • Psychographics to trigger buying decisions
  • Understanding your ideal client using an avatar profiling tool
  • Understanding and using the tool to 
  • Discover their fears and aspirations 
  • Discover where they meet online
  • Toolkit


  • Pushing one way brand message no longer works
  • Really understand what makes your client tick
  • Know what tools to understand your ideal clients
  • Know how to attract them
  • Know where to focus effort


  • Don’t waste time with wrong marketing
  • Write copy that appeals to them
  • Know and not guess
  • Give them what they want and close sales
  • Save cost and effort
Module 3

Choose your platforms 

  • Based on Brand Personality 
  • Based on Client Avatar – where they are most likely to be online
  • Considering characteristics of the platforms


  • Be where your clients expect you to be
  • Know characteristics of each platform


  • Maximize your presence
  • Stay with consistent brand image
Module 4

Digital Branding

  • Logo or slogan
  • Consistent Brand Identities 
  • Brand message and promise 
  • Appropriate brand voice for your niche
  • Brand communication with visuals
  • Strong copy helps brand presence


  • Understand that Brand is more than your logo or slogan
  • Staying true to your message and promise
  • Stand out with visuals and copy


  • Work on these other areas that are neglected
  • Consistency builds trust
  • Build strong brand presence online
Module 5

Optimize Social Presence

  • Securing consistent Brand Identities
  • How to set up optimized presence on major social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Setting up optimized presence for omni-channel experience (the different touch points)


  • Convey consistent message to clients
  • Understand what needs to be worked on in your online presence
  • To reach and connect with clients accessing you via different touch points


  • Not to create confusion
  • Feeding SEO
  • Ensure all online presence are in optimum state
Module 6

Reach out

  • Advertisement
  • PR
  • Content Marketing
  • Working with the 3 types of media
  • Content creation


  • Know options, limitations and opportunities of each
  • Know which type of media you prefer to work with and how


  • Invest in the media that works best for your business and niche
Module 7

 Get Front of Mind

  • Preparing the hook
  • Don’t use click baits 
  • Content promotion 
  • Telling is the new selling
  • Auto posting vs manual posting
  • Toolkit


  • Get their attention
  • Avoid being penalized by Facebook or Google
  • Understand new technique that works
  • Know how to auto post


  • Stand out from the noise
  • Stay out of trouble
  • Get interest of client with proven approach
  • Maximize effort
Module 8

Stay Front of Mind

  • Editorial Calendar
  • Frequency of posting
  • Getting relevant content
  • Stay connected and engaged
  • Toolkit
  • Humanizing your brand


  • Understand the importance of this and how to use it
  • Know where to get relevant content
  • Staying personal and not robotic


  • So you can use one
  • Fill up your calendar
  • Save time and stay relevant
  • Stay connected with the human touch in the digital age
Module 9

Use eMails to stay front of mind

  • eMails conversion rates
  • eMails, social media and they buyer’s journey
  • Infrastructures


  • You may have neglected this
  • Know how these work together
  • Understand what needs to be set up


  • Compels you to pay attention to emails  (even in the social media age)
  • Know how to use it effectively
  • Set it and leave it does not work
Module 10


  • What works today may not work 6 months later
  • Stay updated with Continuous Education
  • Internet of Things
  • AR, VR and social, mobile, local marketing


  • Don’t be content to learn once
  • Get serious with a learning lifestyle too 
  • See opportunities when new technologies are adopted


  • Stay relevant to clients
  • Get ready for the next wave
Phase 2

Select 2 tracks from the optional tracks below up to maximum of 3 training days per pax to obtain the certification

  • Track 1 – Facebook Marketing (2 days)
  • Track 2 – WordPress (2 days)
  • Track 3 – Email Marketing & Autoresponder System (1 day)
  • Track 4 – Google AdWords (2 days)
  • Track 5 – Copywriting for Internet/Social Media (1 day)
  • Track 6 – Using LinkedIn for Business (1 day)
  • Track 7 – Basic Search Engine Optimisation (2 days)
  • Track 8 – Building Business Funnels for Leads & Sales (2 days)

**availability of the classes depends on the number of min participants to open the class. Where it is not possible to have a face-2-face class, arrangements will be made for students to do online video training for the selected track/with individual coaching. Classroom training can also be a combination of video and tutorials using the blended learning approach and can be F2F OR Remote Learning.

Track 1

Facebook Marketing (2 days)

Utilized properly, Facebook can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate a huge flood of traffic into your business. However, it isn’t all easy. You can quickly spend beyond your budget if you don’t know how to optimize your campaigns properly.

  • Be Introduced to the Basics
  • Properly Create Pages
  • Learn to Create Effective Ads
  • Properly Create Posts
  • Learn to Target Audiences
  • Advance strategies for Facebook Campaigns and Ads
  • Advanced Audience Targeting Strategies
  • Facebook Adset optimisation
Track 2

WordPress (2 days)

In this course, you will learn inside & out about WordPress. We’ll cover how to configure WordPress plugins, how to change the appearance of your website, creating sitemaps for Search Engine Optimization, and much more.

  • Introduction
  • WordPress Essentials
  • Appearance
  • Plugins
  • Creating WordPress Post & Pages
  • Creating XML Sitemap
  • Other Essential WordPress Plugins and others
Track 2

WordPress (2 days)

In this course, you will learn inside & out about WordPress. We’ll cover how to configure WordPress plugins, how to change the appearance of your website, creating sitemaps for Search Engine Optimization, and much more.

  • Introduction
  • WordPress Essentials
  • Appearance
  • Plugins
  • Creating WordPress Post & Pages
  • Creating XML Sitemap
  • Other Essential WordPress Plugins and others
Track 3

Email Marketing & Autoresponder System (1 day)

  • What is eMail Marketing (not bulk email)
  • Why it is crucial (eMails are not dead)
  • How it is used with social media (how it fits into the buyer’s journey)
  • eMail Autoresponder Series vs eMail Broadcasts
  • Different Objectives and Design
  • eMails and Marketing Automation
  • eMail copy and open rate
  • Mobile eMails
Track 4

Google AdWords (2 days)


  • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • Play to Win
  • Advantages of Pay Per Click

Key PPC Concepts

  • Advertising Policies
  • Terminology & CTR
  • Search Network
  • Add Rank and Pricing
  • Optimizing Quality Score
  • Basic Bid tips

Creating Your PPC Campaign

  • Creating Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign
  • Consumer Products Marketing Keywords
  • Google AdWords Matching Types
  • Negative & Embedding Matching Type 
  • Keyword Building Tips

Create an Organized Account Structure

  • Creating an Organized Account Structure
  • Write a Compelling Ad Copy
  • AdWords Writing Tips
  • Creating an Effective AdWords Ads

Create PPC Campaign via Google AdWords

  • Creating a Pay Per Click Campaign via Google AdWord
Track 5

Copywriting for Internet Marketing (1 day)

  • What’s unique about Internet copywriting 
  • Copywriting for Content Marketers
  • Does the AIDA format still work?
  • Emotions and psychology of copywriting
  • Copywriting and Landing Pages
  • Copywriting with Visual Marketing
  • Copywriting for Podcastors
  • Criteria for high performing copies
  • SWIPE formats and case studies


Track 6

Using LinkedIn for Business (1 day)

  • LinkedIn for B2B Marketing?
  • What makes strong LinkedIn profiles (how to optimize each section)
  • Making use of LinkedIn Corporate Pages
  • Understanding the new LinkedIn Group
  • Free ways of reaching target audience with LinkedIn Profile 
  • Free and Paid LinkedIn?
  • Introduction to social selling
Track 7

Basic Search Engine Optimisation (2 days)

-Google Adwords Account Sign Up Process

-The Internet Marketing Success Model

Module 1- Market Research

Module 2 – Basic Website Creation

  • Domain name
  • Hosting setup
  • WordPress setup & installation
  • – install plugins
  • – create contact page
  • – on-page SEO for wordpress
  • – creating pages
  • – create & customise menu

Module 3 – Traffic Generation

  • Introduction to SEO
  • SEO Market Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Create WordPress Internal links
  • On-page SEO – example
  • Off-page SEO
  • On page & off page optimization summary
  • Getting your website indexed
  • SEO resources & tools
  • Monetization models
Track 8

Business Funnels for Leads & Sales (2 days)

  • How to build an Online Lead Generation of Sales Funnel 
  • How to create compelling offers that will make your clients willingly give you the money instead of your competitor
  • How to make your funnel work 24/7 in getting leads and clients for you
  • How to find your future prospects and turn them into HOT customers that will buy more and more from you. 
  • How to do proper Facebook marketing so that you will get quality leads and better returns on your Facebook Ads
    How to do proper Google ads so that you will get highly targeted leads and better returns on your Google Ads
  • How to automate your funnels so that you can spend more time doing the things that you like
Phase 3

Project assignment/ assessment (Up to 10 hours for coaching and assessment)

Participants need to complete one live or mock project based on the selected track/s and a Coach will be assigned to provide up to 3 coaching sessions before submission of the project assignment. Coaching can be online/email, remote or face-2-face and can be individual or as a group. 

Submission of the project assignment is mandatory for assessment and certification – this is to demonstrate your understanding of what you have learnt and to apply the skills learned.


  • Ensure participant to work on an actual project that is related to their work in the company and learn with the help of the assigned coach to apply their skills and knowledge in implementation of digital marketing (assignment depends on the track selected).


  • Outcome is the participant will be able to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and ability to implement what they have learned with an actual live project that can be used for their company.
  • Passing this assessment is mandatory for the certification.