Course contents

Essentials of Budgeting

– Remote/ Virtual Events – the New Normal

– Latest Technologies for events management processes

– Using latest online technologies & social
media to promote your events

**POST COVID19 – Implementing Events based on SOPs provided by Government.

  • Aligning Budgets with Goals and Objectives
  • Purpose of budgeting
  • Budgeting Concepts and Processes
  • Budget organization
  • Who are stakeholders of an organization? What do they look for
Best practices and Challenges
  • Type of Budgets
  • Best Practices for Budgeting
  • Different approaches to budgeting
  • How to get the most out of budgeting
  • Issues in Budgeting
Monitoring Budgets & Measuring Performance
  • Monitoring Budgets using performance measurements
  • Budgeted Financial statements
  • Dashboard and other technology based tools
  • Forecasting techniques and tools
  • Variance Analysis
Practical issues and Challenges (options)
  • Budgeting for Receivables & Inventories
  • “What If” analysis and scenario testing
  • Cash flow planning and budgeting for payables
  • Cash management strategies to reduce cash cycle and enhance cash preservation